If you would like to Sponsor the New Horizons Show please contact us. 

There are many sponsoring levels available and we welcome all. This is a Tax deductible sponsorship. 

A major art show is coming to the Tri-Cities in 2018.  The show, “New Horizons”, will feature more than 35 internationally known artists from the United States and Canada.  These artists use wood as their medium for their art work.  They use a variety of techniques in the process of creating their masterpieces which include turning, carving, texturing, metal coatings painting, etc.  These artists have their work in numerous museums in North America and many of them have representation in the prestigious Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution.  A list of these artists with a description of their work and recognitions is attached.

This show will be held at the Gallery in the Park (Allied Arts Association, Richland, WA).  It will run from May 22to July 1, 2018.  In addition to the art show we will be hosting some events for school children.  There will be field trips for local school fine arts and industrial arts classes to the show which will include some demonstrations on how items are made.  Lectures for adults will be provided at the gallery and in selected educational institutions by various members of the Mid-Columbia Woodturners.  This group of artists will also serve as docents during the show to help the public understand and appreciate the various works in the show.

 In order to host such a show it is necessary to raise funds for it.  This will be an opportunity to invest in a significant community event.  We are asking if you would like to be one of the sponsors of the show.  The attached page lists the opportunities for sponsorship.  All sponsorships made to the Allied Arts Association are tax deductible as they are a 501 C-3 organization.  We will need to start spending some funds in 2017 for display set ups and for the show catalog; the majority of funds will be needed in early 2018.  As such your sponsorship can be divided over two calendar years.  All sponsors will be recognized in the catalog and each will be able to have a short note describing their business. Also, a list of sponsors will be posted in the gallery during the show.



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