We are pleased to announce an exhibition that will redefine the boundaries of woodturning art. During the summer of 2018 in Richland, WA (May 22 – July 1) Allied Arts Association and the Mid-Columbia Woodturners are collaborating to present a catalogued presentation of new work by significant woodturning artists.  Following this venue the exhibition will go to St. Paul, MN for August and September at the Landmark Center.

The show entitled “New Horizons” will contain new works that depart from the artist’s usual style. Often, one downside to being a successful artist is the fact that there is often little opportunity to change existing successful work or to branch out in new directions. Buyers often expect to purchase work that looks like the work others have bought in the past. Innovation seems to be discouraged. It is time for an exhibition where artists can present new work. It will be exciting to see what new ideas and concepts will emerge. Each artist will provide two images of their “iconic” art work; these images will be included with their new work at the gallery show and in the show catalog.  Participants are by invitation only.

During the time in Richland, tours, demonstrations and lectures will be provided for students from area schools as well as the general public.


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